Research Professional Committee

The main objective of the NCER-RCC is to create networking opportunities and foster local and national collaboration between Emergency Department research professionals, provide peer support and develop opportunities for professional growth.

The RPC will have their next meeting on Tuesday, February 6th at 11:15AM – 1:30PM, in Banff Alberta.  Click here for more information.


  1. Create networking opportunities and foster local and national collaboration between multi-disciplinary Emergency Department Research Professionals;
  2. Develop opportunities for professional growth and development and create a venue for continuing education to meet the needs of Emergency Department Research Professionals in Canada;
  3. Provide peer support to Emergency Department Research Professionals;
  4. Promote the value of Emergency Department Research Professionals in Clinical Trials;
  5. Develop and share resources amongst Emergency Department Research Professionals;
  6. Support and facilitate the aims of the Network of Canadian Emergency Researchers.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Membership to the NCER-RPC is open to all Research Professionals currently working within the Emergency Department environment in Canada. Each Member shall pay dues and fees and shall comply with such conditions of membership as per the CAEP by-laws. No additional fee or levy will be required to become or to remain a member of the NCER-RCC. Only members of the NCER-RPC can nominate, vote or sit on the Executive Committee (EC).

NCER: Research Professional Committee Executive

  • Chair: Cathy Clement
  • Francophone Representative: Valerie Boucher
  • Representative for Western Provinces: Vi Ho
  • Member at Large:  Vlad Latiu
  • Member at Large:  Natasha Clayton

Cathy Clement

Valerie Boucher
Francophone Representative

Vi Ho
Rep. for Western Provinces

Vlad Latiu
Member at Large

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