NCER Membership

The NCER membership fee costs $100 and is required by all NCER meeting attendees. Physicians must also be a CAEP member in order to join NCER.

NCER Member Benefits

  • Receive access to scientific peer review process to improve the quality and impact of the research;
  • Provide NCER endorsement to protocols to improve grant and funding application rates of success;
  • Provide a checklist to promote high quality protocols;
  • Mentor the next generation of researchers in clinical, basic, health services research, policy, medical education research, quality improvement, knowledge translation and implementation science;
  • Improve research skills, knowledge and confidence to implement high quality trials in clinical, medical education, and quality improvement;
  • Enable the collaboration with colleagues and interdisciplinary collaborators across the nation and beyond;
  • Contribute to building capacity in Canadian emergency care research through an iterative, supportive, high-quality, peer-review process;
  • Translate research findings into better patient care;
  • Build a collegial support network of young investigators, senior scientists and research staff;
  • Learn how to engage patients, families and communities in research;
  • Publish high quality research in high citation journals improving circulation and translation and impact on patient care.