NCER Endorsement

The NCER endorsement process aims to select and approve the best research protocols in a specific area of emergency medicine (EM). Our vision is to encourage the best research possible to improve care in emergency departments at the local, provincial, national and international level.

The NCER endorsement process will encourage competitive multi-centre EM research protocols ready for national or international grant applications.

What is it?

The NCER endorsement process is a multi-step evaluation by peers with pertinent experience in EM research. The evaluations take place before and during the annual NCER meeting.

There are 3 types of protocol submissions to the NCER annual meeting. Categories are detailed here, but an overview is provided below:

  1. Complete protocol for NCER endorsement: The researcher has a grant ready for submission. It fulfills the list of requirements of NCER (see appendix 1). A structured summary for the NCER website plus the full protocol needs to be submitted before the annual meeting for external peer review. The researcher will present at the annual meeting to get official written feedback and full letter endorsement.  At the annual meeting, a 45 minutes presentation plus 15 minutes question period will be offered to the principal investigator.  If endorsed, principal investigator will need to provide an update at subsequent annual NCER meeting upon completion of project (see # 3).
  2. Partial protocol looking for feedback: The protocol is in its building stage and needs input from NCER members. A structured summary will be submitted on the NCER web site before the annual meeting. The researcher will present at the annual meeting to get feedback  (verbal or written).  At the annual meeting, a 25 minute presentation plus 15 minute question period will be offered.
  3. NCER-endorsed update of a previous supported project: Principal investigator (or delegate) must provide a 15 minute presentation to update the status of their project.

Two NCER executive members and/or ad hoc members will screen all protocol submissions to confirm the appropriate categorization.

You can review the process and timelines here.

What does it mean?

Being endorsed by NCER brings an advantage to the grant application. The NCER endorsement process ensures funding agencies that:

  • a thorough review process by EM peers has been conducted;
  • basic scientific landmarks were reached;
  • feasibility is guaranteed for multi-centre studies;
  • continuous monitoring of research progress will occur; and
  • support is given by the EM research community.