NCER Endorsement

The NCER endorsement process aims to select and approve the best research protocols in a specific area of emergency medicine (EM). Our vision is to encourage the best research possible to advance the science and improve care in emergency departments at the local, provincial, national and international level.

The NCER endorsement process will encourage competitive multi-centre EM research protocols ready for national or international grant applications and increase the likelihood of success for funding and completing high quality success.

What is it?

The NCER endorsement process consists of peer review by senior and junior colleagues with expertise in EM research and they make recommendations to the NCER executive for NCER/CAEP endorsement.

What does NCER endorsement mean?

  1. A thorough review process by EM peers has been conducted
  2. Signifies that peer specified scientific landmarks were achieved in the protocol
  3. Feasibility is endorsed for multi-centre studies
  4. Continuous monitoring of research progress will occur through peer review during the study
  5. A letter of support is given by the EM research community.
  6. The endorsed protocol brands the support of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physician support for ongoing advancement of research in Emergency Medicine.
  7. It is more likely to be funded by peer reviewed agencies

For information on the endorsement process please proceed HERE.