Endorsement Categories

PROTOCOL TYPECriteriaProcessNCER feedbackSupport/ Obligations
Complete protocol for NCER endorsementFulfill list of requirements

Summary on theNCER website

Full protocol screen by NCER exec or delegate

Previous comments of NCER provided if available
Annual meeting:
25-minute presentation + 20-minute of questions

Standardized presentation format provided

2 peer reviewers with comments (300 words)
Official written feedback at annual meeting and 2 NCER member review + verbal feedback recorded from annual meeting participants

PI must address concerns in a revised version to get endorsement if needed.
If endorsed:

Set of obligations
- Yearly update at NCER annual meeting
- Acknowledgement of NCER

Tracking of feedback on the web site.

Official letter from executive
Partial protocol for feedbackSummary on the web platform

If the applicant is a medical student or resident, he must be supervised by a mid-career or senior NCER member.
Annual meeting:
15-minute presentation + 15- minute question period

Standardized presentation format provided
Written feedback done at the presentation day + verbal feedback from participantsNo obligations

Tracking of feedback on web site

Invitation to submit a complete protocol for the following year
NCER-endorsed updatePrevious NCER endorsement

Obligation to do yearly update
15-minute presentation + 5-minute question period

Standardized presentation format provided
No officialResults will be promoted on NCER website.