Endorsement Process

NCER process for complete protocol endorsement and the approximate timeline.

1.  A final/ complete protocol document on an available template will be submitted before the annual meeting.  The full protocol will be attached to submission.

Two NCER exec members (or ad hoc members) will assure appropriateness and adequate categorization.

2.  The researcher/principal investigator will receive confirmation of eligibility. Researcher prepares a 25 min presentation (+ 20 minutes discussion) at the Annual meeting. The presentation format will be sent/made available to the researcher. January/February*
3.  The final/complete protocol will be specifically submitted to reviewers (2 NCER members) who will be at the annual conference. The reviewers will write their comments in 300 words and discuss with the researcher at the meeting January*
4. PI presents protocol at the annual meeting.

Reviewers and participating members of the annual meeting express their comments/suggestions. A written summary of the feedback  is provided to the PI within 4 weeks of the annual meeting.

A vote from the assembly is requested for NCER endorsement.

5. If needed, researchers have 6 weeks to send the revised protocol with corrections to the NCER executive.

Comments and suggestions must be addressed or explained. Executive may request the 2 previously assigned reviewers to review the new protocol.

6.  NCER executive confirm or defer the endorsement. A letter of support is issued to PI. June – July (or earlier as needed)*

* Timeline may change yearly depending on the annual meeting dates. Timeline will be posted after NCER meeting at the CAEP conference, no later than the end of June.