Annual Meetings

NCER’s goal is to enable emergency care researchers to conduct multi-centre research or education studies, provide mentorship, support knowledge translation, and ultimately help to improve emergency patient care.

Designed to foster collaboration and build relationships, the next NCER meeting will have protocol presentations and protocol updates with feedback by the EM experts.

‘NCER Unplugged’ – A virtual platform for creating sharing discovering EM research ideas
The NCER exec and CAEP have successfully shifted our contract bookings to cover in-person meetings of NCER from 2023 onwards. In anticipation for resuming in-person meetings in 2023 the NCER exec has converted our annual virtual NCER Conference in 2022 into a series of virtual coffeehouse sessions which will begin in our annual NCER timeslot of March 1 2022 from 1200 EST to 1530 EST and October 18 2022.

We have made this change in support of colleagues (investigators and research professionals) facing the ongoing challenges of doing non-covid and covid research during the pandemic and feeling the strain of frontline work. We are hoping that this iterative support for investigators and research professionals during 2022 will help EM research to recover in the form of new protocols and creative ideas and feed nicely into NCER annual meeting in Mont-Tremblant in 2023.

The NCER Unplugged event will provide investigators an opportunity to present early research ideas for feedback and suggestions once a quarter through 2022. The agenda of the event can easily change to accommodate protocol presentation as per annual NCER style of presentation to accommodate the needs of the investigator group. In addition, the NCER executive is continuing to review all protocols submitted to provide feedback on grants, implementation strategies or manuscripts.

The presentations will be modeled on the Pechakucha style, adapted for a 5 minute presentation (see more about Pechakucha as a presenting style here: The idea is to be more like a narrative and less like a slide deck. Presenters will submit 10 slides with only graphics/visuals (no “background/results/conclusions”) and each slide with automatically progress every 30 seconds for a total presentation time of 5 minutes followed by facilitated discussion for 15 minutes. Any partial protocols or full protocols will be presented as per the NCER Annual Meeting format.

The NCER executive would like to extend an opportunity for all to stay on after 3 pm EST for 30 mins for NCER networking. We will encourage breakouts and ability to move from room to room to catch up with colleagues.


We invite investigators to email Laurie Morrison if you are interested in participating as a presenter.

Registration is now closed.