2017 Agenda

2017 NCER Meeting in Tremblant
Westin Resort & Spa, Temblant, Québec
Monday, February 27 to Thursday March 2, 2017

This is a draft meeting agenda and will continue to be updated.

191 March8:00 - 8:15CANet Atrial Fibrillation UpdateIan StiellEquinoxe Room 2-3
332 March8:00 - 8:15CANet Caridac Arrest Update Christian VaillancourtEquinoxe Room 2-3
251 March11:00 - 11:15CANet Syncope Update Venkatesh ThiruganasambandamoorthyEquinoxe Room 2-3
342 March8:15 - 8:30CanROC UpdateLaurie MorrisonEquinoxe Room 2-3
392 March10:15 - 10:30CETIe Update Marcel EmondEquinoxe Room 2-3
828 February9:30 - 9:45Coffee BreakEquinoxe Room 2-3
221 March9:30 - 9:45Coffee BreakEquinoxe Room 2-3
1328 February16:45 - 17:00Coffee BreakEquinoxe Room 2-3
372 March9:30 - 9:45Coffee BreakEquinoxe Room 2-3
271 March16:45 - 17:00Coffee BreakEquinoxe Room 2-3
181 March7:00 - 8:00Complimentary Networking Breakfast
(Courtesy of CAEP)
Equinoxe Room 2-3
322 March7:00 - 8:00Complimentary Networking Breakfast (Courtesy of CAEP)Equinoxe Room 2-3
328 February7:00 - 8:00Complimentary Networking Breakfast (Courtesy of CAEP)Equinoxe Room 2-3
311 March19:15Complimentary Networking Dinner (Courtesy of CAEP)Equinoxe Room 1
261 March11:15 - 16:45Free Afternoon
1128 February11:15 - 16:45Free Afternoon
402 March10:30 - 11:15Future of NCER & Closing Remarks Jeff PerryEquinoxe Room 2-3
1228 February16:00 - 16:45NCER Executive (Closed Meeting)Equinoxe Room 2-3
528 February8:00 - 8:15NCER Overview Jeff PerryEquinoxe Room 2-3
1628 February18:30 - 19:15NCER Vision & MissionJeff PerryEquinoxe Room 2-3
362 March9:15 - 9:30Patient Engagement SurveyPatrick ArchambaultEquinoxe Room 2-3
241 March10:30 - 11:00Patient Reprsentative Discussion Jeff PerryEquinoxe Room 2-3
201 March8:15 - 8:45Protocol Update: Derivation and Internal Validation of a Clinical Prognostic Tool for Recurrent Emergency VisitsJustin YanEquinoxe Room 2-3
382 March9:45 - 10:15Protocol Update: High risk clinical characteristics for acute aortic syndrome in patients presenting with acute painRobert OhleEquinoxe Room 2-3
728 February9:00 - 9:30Protocol Update: Validation of a clinical decision rule integrating the use of biomarkers for early detection of persistent symptoms after a mTBINatalie Le SageEquinoxe Room 2-3
352 March8:30 - 9:15Protocol: A prospective randomized pilot trial to reduce readmission for frail elderly patients with acute decompensated heart failureRohit MohindraEquinoxe Room 2-3
928 February9:45 - 10:30Protocol: AWARE II (AWAreness during REsuscitation) - A Multi-Centre Observational Study of the Relationship between the Quality of Brain Resuscitation, and Consciousness, Neurological, Functional and Cognitive Outcomes following Cardiac Arrest Sam ParniaEquinoxe Room 2-3
1528 February17:45 - 18:30Protocol: Challenging the dogma - A randomized controlled trial comparing prescribed light exercise to standard management for emergency department patientsCatherine VarnerEquinoxe Room 2-3
231 March9:45 - 10:30Protocol: Evaluation of the Impact of Point-of-Care Ultrasonography on Patients Suspected of Having Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or Heart Failure in the Emergency DepartmentSunichiro NakaoEquinoxe Room 2-3
628 February8:15 - 9:00Protocol: Haloperidol Versus Ondansetron for Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (HaVOC): A Randomized Controlled TrialMarco SivilottiEquinoxe Room 2-3
1428 February17:00 - 17:45Protocol: Making Decisions in the Era of the Clinical Decision RuleKerstin de WitEquinoxe Room 2-3
291 March17:45 - 18:30Protocol: Non-invasive flow guided resuscitation in the emergency department (ED-FGR)Rohit MohindraEquinoxe Room 2-3
1028 February10:30 - 11:15Protocol: Staff perspectives on improving the care of admitted patients who deteriorate while still in the emergency department: A Qualitative study of Multiple Stakeholders Katie DaintyEquinoxe Room 2-3
211 March8:45 - 9:30Protocol: The Falls studyKerstin de WitEquinoxe Room 2-3
301 March18:30 - 19:15Protocol: The right care to the right patient at the right time from the right provider: new quality indicators for a value-based comparison of primary and emergency department careSimon BerthelotEquinoxe Room 2-3
281 March17:00 - 17:45Protocol: Wiki Head CT Choice study: adaptation of two decision aids to support shared decision making about performing a head CT for adult and pediatric victims of mild traumatic brain injury : rapid prototyping supported by a wikiPatrick ArchambaultEquinoxe Room 2-3
428 February7:30 - 8:00Welcome from NCER Committee & CAEP (at Breakfast)Jeff Perry (NCER)
Ian Stiell (CAEP Academic Section)
Lynn Garrow (CAEP Executive Director)
Equinoxe Room 2-3
127 February17:00 - 19:00Welcome Reception - Appetizers & Cash BarNCER Executive MembersGypsy Restaurant (Westin)