Network Activities

3rd Annual NCER Meeting

February 20th-22nd, 2018
Location: The Rimrock Hotel, Banff

Details available here.

CAEP 2017 in Whistler: NCER Open Meeting

Sunday, June 4th, 2017
12:30 – 1:30 pm
Location: Wedgemount Room, Whistler Conference Centre
Chair: Jeff Perry

Executive Committee Election Results

 Updated July 2016

Jeff Perry
Laurie Morrison
Marcel Emond
Grants and Manuscripts Councillor
Gary Joubert
Justin Yan
Junior Councillor
Andrew McRae
Junior Councillor

June – September 2016: NCER Executive Committee Nominations & Elections

Call for nominations (including self-nominations) for the NCER Executive Committee

If you would like to help shape the future of a network for Canadian EM researchers, we encourage you to apply to be on the NCER Executive Committee.  

The primary responsibilities of the executive will be:
•    Overseeing the organization of the annual NCER meeting
•    Refining the draft NCER terms of reference
•    Working with NCER researchers across Canada to provide better collaboration, research, and ultimately emergency patient care

All positions are open and include:
•  Chair
•  Vice-chair/Councillor (Mid/Senior career)
•  Grants and Manuscripts Councillor (Mid/Senior career)
•  Councillor (Mid/Senior career)
•  Junior Councillor (2 years)
•  Junior Councillor (1 year)

•    Junior Councillor: <5 years (from first academic appointment) when elected
•    Councillor (Mid/Senior career): >5 to 12 years (from first academic appointment) when elected
•    The Grants and Manuscripts Councillor will work to optimize the publications and dissemination of NCER-endorsed research.

•     For the first election, the Vice-chair and Councillor (Mid/Senior) will be 3-year terms.
•    Normally, all terms are 2 years and renewable once, except the Junior Councillors where there will be staggered elections with a non-renewable 2-year term (except for a 1-year term for the first election for one position as noted above).
•     You must be a CAEP Active Member to be on the NCER Executive Committee.

If you are interested, please submit a letter of intent and CV to Kelly Wyatt ( by July 15th, 2016.

Elections will be held on September 15th, 2016.
Active Members of CAEP who have identified themselves as researchers are eligible to vote (contact Kelly to ensure that you are registered).

For EM physicians, note that if you have received this message directly from CAEP, then you are on the list (so ensure that your CAEP membership is up to date).
If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Perry (

CAEP 2016 in Québec City: NCER Open Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location: Beauport Room, Hilton Québec
Co-chairs: Gary Joubert, Laurie Morrison, Jeff Perry


• Terms of Reference
• Research merger into Academic Section
• An informal request has been made to the Board for staff support, and the Board would like clarity about the needs

• Post-meeting survey report

• Organizing volunteer(s) – Executive Committee
• Location preferences

• Request EMAF subcommittee that some funds be available for the Grizzly Den ($5k?)

March 2016

The first NCER meeting was held in Banff and hosted 27 NCER researchers. NCER in the East is being planned for winter/spring 2017.

January 2016

The expanded planning committee teleconference met to refine the agenda for the upcoming NCER Banff Meeting (March 28th to 31st, 2016). CAEP has generously agreed to fund the meeting space, provide some meals, and offer CAEP office support. Those interested are encouraged to book early and reserve their spot, as there is limited availability. The agenda will be updated, as more details become available.

December 2015

From the data gathered during the recent survey (57% [52/92] response rate), the terms of reference had an overwhelmingly positive response, and concerns are being addressed in a revision to be discussed at the inaugural meeting.

Most respondents (~80%) were interested in participating in this type of network and interested in attending the first meeting.

 November/December 2015

The team created second survey for EM researchers:

  • to gather feedback on the draft framework
  • to identify any current local, informal, or otherwise networks for multi-centre trials
  • to gauge interest in a face-to-face meeting in early 2016

Autumn 2015

The planning team gathered background information from both PERC and CCCTG and met face-to-face in early October to discuss some logistics and draft a preliminary framework. The meeting was generously funded by CAEP, and  supported by CAEP staff. All of the feedback from the needs assessment was reviewed again and instrumental in the construction of draft materials.

CAEP 2015 in Edmonton

The CAEP Academic Section and Research Committee, as well as other researchers present at the CAEP Conference, reviewed all of the data and comments provided in response to this need assessment. A small planning team (supported by CAEP staff) was assembled to draft an preliminary framework.

Spring 2015

The CAEP Academic Section and Research Committee conducted a needs assessment among Canadian EM researchers regarding an EM Research Network.